Our Core Values

Solomon Financial has a CORE set of Values that establishes how we function as advisors and as a company. Our CORE values are GRATITUDE-FREEDOM-EXCELLENCE-UNITY-INTEGRITY. Our hope is that you will look through our beliefs and get to know Solomon a little better.


We are grateful for the impactful work we get to do. We are grateful to the clients who trust us with their dreams. We are grateful to the team we get to serve with. Gratitude requires humility.  It is an admission that we are recipients of a good gift; this forms the bedrock of everything we do.


The recognition that all people are created with unique gifts and dreams.  Our goal is to tailor our advisor’s role to them rather than the advisor to the role.  We do this by helping them integrate their best work with the best work of other advisors.  This foundational collaborative culture allows us to customize our service to each client, and to equip them for the great adventures of their lives.


While we are industry leaders, our goal remains to perpetually improve on the value we deliver to our clients and our advisors.  We do this by cooperative thought, peer review and modesty.  This is a constant pursuit, not a destination.


It grows naturally where there are clear common beliefs and values.  We spend time regularly revisiting the passion that drives us as a team.  We are unified as a growing body of uniquely gifted advisors.  We invite our clients to participate in this thriving community.


We put what is right, ahead of what is profitable, popular, or expedient – every time. Our clients trust us to light a path for them out of the financial fog.  Integrity is our true north.

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