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Dan Dyck

Owner / Senior Partner

I was blessed to begin my financial career at the age of twenty and have been in love with it ever since.

Every day I get to participate with a team of caring advisors; bringing financial peace to families. On the days when Christa and I are not working with our Solomon family, we love spending time with our kids who keep us endlessly entertained!

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Christa Dyck

Owner / Senior Partner

My husband Dan and I started Solomon Financial in 2018 out of a desire to see change in the industry towards detailed client service for the middle income families at no cost.

We also strive to create an environment where all advisors can collaborate to provide the best possible solutions for Canadians.

Alyssa von Albedyhll


Alyssa is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Alyssa.

Adrian Slager


I have been in the financial industry a few years, and have found it to be very rewarding.

Which includes, personal growth, building new relationships, and helping families. I strive to make a difference, in helping them achieve their goals.

Chad Reed

Senior Advisor

I have been serving families since 2007!

The best part for me is knowing that I have been able to make a difference in peoples’ lives, big or small! I am so grateful to be a small spoke in the great Solomon wheel, and humbled to be part of this team. My other passion is to serve as a proud volunteer for the past 21 years on the local Search and Rescue team. 

Corine Weever


Corine is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Corine.

Daine Pfiefle

Senior Planner

Daine is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Daine.

Danelle Cole


Danelle is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Danelle.

Hal Gillrie, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C

Senior Planner

By profession, I am a Certified Financial Planner.

2023 marks my 39th year in the Insurance and Financial Industry and over the years I have learned that being a Financial Advisor stands for so much more. It is helping someone secure what they have worked so hard for, it is giving guidance to help someone protect the ones they love, it is giving someone the future they want and deserve.

With the retirement in the spring of 2021 of my assistant Heather after 25 years of working together, 22 of which I was an independent advisor, and with losing a good friend and fellow advisor that same spring, I needed to decide how best to move forward for both myself, my practice and my clients. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have met several the advisors at the home office of Solomon Financial office located here in Red Deer and was intrigued by the direction they have taken within their firm. The model of using an Advisory Team with all clients and the ongoing collaboration and interaction between Solomon Advisors to better serve clients was something that very much appealed to me. This new alliance will allow me to retain my independence and at the same time offer much added value to my clients, many of whom will benefit from what is referred to as the Solomon Journey, along with the many additional resources that I will now have access. Solomon does not represent a single bank, trust, segregated fund or life insurance company or portfolio manager. Being independent allows us to draw on a wide variety of expertise and stay focused on the strategy that will provide the best results, long term, for our clients.

During my career, I have helped guide thousands of people and their businesses to a more secure future, opening their eyes to unique financial strategies that are unknown in the marketplace, showing them how to see insurance and investments a little differently.

 In addition, I have worked for over 30 years with owners of small and mid-sized businesses to protect themselves and their valued employees through the set up and ongoing service of Employee Benefit and Savings programs and continue to work in this area.

My experience, knowledge, and the team at Solomon Financial will help you see things a little differently; opening the doors to the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Jewell Rountree


Jewell is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Jewell.

Jill Moore, BM

Senior Partner

I have been a broker in the financial industry since 2003. Prior to that I worked for a bank.

My desire to be a broker grew as I realized I couldn’t help people in their best interest if I wanted to keep my employer happy with me. Now I can meet with families and truly listen to what they are needing and where they want to go and help them figure out how to make it happen. Making the pieces work together is a passion for me.

John Connolly


It has been a humbling experience to be in the significant role of serving families, including my own, over the last 16 years.

One of the biggest gifts I’ve been given, and love to give, is letting families know that “it is never too late to start doing the right thing!” I am grateful to be a part of a team that cares for people, and walks alongside them to help get them to where they want to be regardless of where they are coming from.

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Josh Boyko


With so much information available, filtering through to select the best financial products can be terrifying, I chose to partner with the Solomon Financial team to extend my involvement with families and small business in order to help them meet their financial goals, gain financial education, and navigate the hiccups of life.

Though investing and coaching money-knowledge have always attracted me as a whole, I have developed an interest in working with individuals to navigate the pressures of consumer proposals and bankruptcies. In my off time I try to be in the mountains, whether backpacking, climbing, hiking or skiing with my young family.

Josiah Connolly,  QAFP


had the honour of beginning my financial career here at Solomon in 2018.

I have a passion for guiding clients out of the financial fog, and equipping them for the adventures that lie ahead. I am blessed to be working side by side with the gifted, compassionate team that make up Solomon Financial; all of whom help bring financial peace of mind to families and businesses. My off time is often spent in the great outdoors with my beautiful wife and daughter.

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Mardell Millis


I have been working in the financial services industry for 13 years.

One of the things I love about this business is educating people about cash management and helping them make sense of the way their money habits impacts their saving and their future. I have learned so much working in this business and being able to pass that knowledge on to my children and grandchildren is a huge benefit of being a part of this industry and this team.

Meghan Dyck


I have had the privilege of serving families through Solomon Financial since  2018.

I feel extremely blessed to be working among friends towards a common goal to change our communities for the better.  Few things are as rewarding to me as helping families reach their financial goals, whatever that looks like for them.   I was born and raised in central Alberta and feel drawn to serve the people in my community.  I look forward to learning , serving and meeting more families. 

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Mike Martin


After Solomon Financial helped my wife and I through a scary debt situation, I knew that I wanted to help provide hope to other families through the same process.

I have always had a personal interest in finance and how money works. Now, along with Solomon Financial’s unique approach of working together as a team, I now have the passion for helping and teaching others combined with the resource of advisors that are far more experienced than I am. I would be honored to show you and your family how to make money work.

Murray Young

Senior Advisor

I enjoyed 40 years in the oil patch as an operator, competency validator and consultant. 

I spent the last 15 years working in the sour gas/oil fields in Central Alberta.  My strengths were my consistency and the ability to work with people.  Having retired I was approached by my daughter and the Solomon team, saying “Dad”, you enjoy people, you enjoy finances, why not join us in helping people of all ages by coaching them, helping them in making goals up to and including retirement.  I didn’t say no to my daughter, didn’t say no to helping people.  I will be happy to listen to what you have to say, to see what we can do for you!!

Randy Wolkowski

Senior Planner

I’ve been in the industry since 2012.

I love the fact that I’m able to help families while still earning a living to support my own. This career choice enables me to be home every night where I can assist in nurturing our daughter into a teenager that I can surely be proud of.

Rob Maudsley


I am honoured to work with the team at Solomon Financial, serving the community of Sylvan Lake.

My passion is to help individuals and families find success, clarity, and purpose in their finances. I’ve previously worked in Financial Services in Calgary, travelled the world serving under missions organizations, and pastored at a local church here in Sylvan. I now have an amazing family of my own with 3 young kids, so I understand both the privileges and financial responsibilities that come with different seasons of life. Whatever your goals, aspirations, and responsibilities are for this chapter of your life, I’m excited to help you along your journey.

Shirley Chahley

Senior Advisor

Shirley is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Shirley.

Tamara Brennan

Senior Advisor

I was introduced to some of the Solomon Financial team when we needed to increase our life insurance after the birth of our daughter.

We were impressed with how their process is different than others and that they really cared about us and our wants and needs. The opportunity came up for me to join the team, so I completed the steps and I am excited to be working as part of the Solomon Financial team to help people make their money work for them.

Tamarann Hillock


I have been in the Financial Industry since 2014, with a few more additional years before that.

The most rewarding part of serving families is seeing families putting in the work needed, and then seeing their results. My love to help others became my mission when I woke to the news that my husband had passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. My daughter and I would not have been okay or experiencing a full life now without the care of good people and a plan.

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Waneta Usher


I have had the privilege of serving families in the financial Industry since 2014.

Working with clients to reach their financial goals and change their family’s future, has been a rewarding experience. My husband and I have three children and it is my passion to teach the next generation tools, to be financially stable while living the life they want.

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