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Alice Lebert


Alice is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Alice.

Chantal Bernard

Senior Planner

I have always been passionate about helping people and that’s not changing anytime soon, its part of my DNA.

I am always hopeful that I will get to see every one achieve their goals and dreams, but I also know that life has many challenges. We don’t all have the same strengths, tools and gifts, nor are we all at the same point on our journey through life. Sometimes we need support or counsel along the way and the team at Solomon Financial is definitely a great asset to have. As an Insurance Agent, I choose to focus on helping people create a sound strategy for the future through embracing their strengths, protecting the things that are most valuable to them and their families, and supporting them where they might need more help. I have the pleasure and pride to speak French, English, Spanish & Finance and to support my clients in the language they are most comfortable with gives me great joy. I serve clients in the provinces of BC and Québec for now but we never know, I might just be expanding horizons in the future.

Grant Calhoun


I have been working at Solomon Financial since the beginning of 2021 but have been helping families and friends for the past six years on a part-time basis.

I have had a 30+ year career in the Building Automation industry and currently work with analytics to make buildings operate more efficiently and improving occupant comfort. Since I was a teenager, I have had a fascination with how to get ahead financially and had tried several different approaches with varying degrees of success. It was not until I met someone who took the time to explain different strategies and help develop an overall plan. I listened and tried a few of these strategies with great success. After seeing how these concepts worked it has been my desire to assist others in getting to a similar place in their lives.

Matthew Ryper, RIS


I began serving clients in 2006 and was first drawn to the financial industry because of the great need I saw all around me.

I love the balance of working analytically but in a people business. Two ideas resonate with me and drive me to become better as I work with clients: “The little things add up” and “ ‘Good enough’ is just not good enough.”  

When not working, I can be found pursuing outdoor adventures with my wife and daughter, making exceptional lattes and enjoying a glass of wine.


Ryan Raguero

Senior Advisor

Ryan is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Ryan.

Sandra McMillen


Sandra is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Sandra.

Tyson Compton


For better or worse, business practices profoundly affect every aspect of our lives. I have always wanted to build a business that focuses on creating a positive, lasting impact for all of its stakeholders.

That is why I studied socially responsible entrepreneurship in university, and work on the executive committee of a local union today. I find that as a broker in the financial industry, I can create long-term, positive change for my clients as well. When I’m not helping clients or fighting for workers’ rights, my wife and I will likely be hiking around a local lake enjoying the natural scenery here in BC.  

Tyson Parks


Tyson is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Tyson.

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