Advisors in Calgary


Adrian Thistleton


I have been privileged to serve my community since 2005.

Seeing people take control of their financial lives and attain the personal growth and confidence that comes along with doing so inspires me. That’s why I do this. To help change people’s lives for the better

Anita Voth

Senior Associate

Anita is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Anita.

Carol Holm


While I was introduced to the industry in 2012, it has been with Solomon that I’ve found my brand.

Working with & fighting for people, helping people regain personal power fires me up. It’s amazing how brainstorming sessions, done with people who are truly Like-Hearted, can help someone feel really supported by the financial industry. With recent challenges in my own family, the loss of a sibling & disability of my spouse, just being a part of Solomon has helped ground me. I’m excited to share this with as many families as I can!

Carol Wyse


I have been in the financial industry since 2013, part time until 2015 when I became full time. 

I love putting plans into place and seeing my clients reach their goals and dreams.  I am the proud mother of two daughters who are finishing their post secondary educations and about to embark on their own careers.  When I’m not working I enjoy various sports and spending time with family and friends.

Christina Bekkers


Christina is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Christina.

Chris Middlemiss


Chris is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Chris.

Coreen Pearce


I have been in financial services industry for about 12 years!

I did work for a few banks as well as my mom was a branch manager for many years, and there where concepts and strategies that would have saved my family thousands of dollars and no one told us as well even my mom didn’t know about these strategies at a branch managers level! So now I know about these strategies to help families get ahead and become debt free! I feel everyone should have the advise to make a educated decision!

Doris Bruneau, RWM™, CEA


I started in the finance industry in 2007 mainly to learn about money and understand how it works so I could manage my own, soon realizing that most people did not have the education or “know how” about money and that the struggle was real.

From helping families achieve their financial goals to assisting business owners with succession and estate planning, it fulfills me everyday knowing that I can make a difference for others.

Check out my website.

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Doug Dyer


17 years in financial services.

I am licensed to help families and individuals with life insurance products and strategies as well as investment options. I am married with twin sons married themselves and fathers to 3 wonderful grandsons. My passion lies in helping families and individuals execute personal strategies for their unique financial independence. Can we have a coffee?

James Gian


James is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about James.

Joshua Shin


My diversified experience and passion can assist your financial dream to get back on track.

I have worked for many industries like construction, hotel management, and retail supervising since 1998. I have seen a number of people suffering from financial difficulties even though they work so hard and wondering why it happens. Therefore, I decided to start my financial advising career thanks to Solomon in 2022 to figure out how I can help those financial sufferers. I am passionate and confident I can help clients offer sizable options against economic hardship and be a lifelong partner to help build wealth and well-being.

Language: English, Korean, Chinese mandarin

Keith Luzon


It has always been my passion to help others in any way that I can.

I set out to fulfill this passion professionally, originally, as a Registered Nurse back in 2012. As years went by, I have come to realize that there is one aspect that is often overlooked yet extremely vital to an individual’s overall health and that is: Financial Health. I am excited to work with the excellent team at Solomon Financial to effect positive meaningful change in my client’s financial journey.

Larry Auger

Senior Planner

Larry is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Larry.

Munir Sharar


Munir is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more.

Reuben McDonald

Senior Advisor

Reuben is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Reuben.

Robin Choi

Senior Advisor

I have been working in the financial industry since 2008. I have experience as a Financial Advisor at TD Bank, an Account Manager at Business Development Bank of Canada (Commercial), and I have also worked in the real estate industry, both in residential and commercial.

Therefore, I have professional expertise and knowledge in both liquid and non-liquid asset management. With a humble heart and a sense of purpose in helping families and individuals in finance, I joined Solomon Financial with great enthusiasm. I consider this profession as being a Financial Family Doctor or Financial Trainer for my clients, and I am dedicated to serving them. I find immense joy in growing alongside my clients and sharing important moments in their lives, serving as a companion on their journey.

Language: English & Korean

Sarah Salverda

Senior Planner

Sarah is busy serving people just like you. Please come back soon to learn more about Sarah.

Stephan Bieganek


I am born and raised in Central Alberta.

I have always had a personal interest in finance and how money works. Solomon Financial has provided me with an opportunity to take what I am passionate about and help educate people about cash flow management and how habits impacts their savings and future. Being able to pass that knowledge on is a huge benefit of being a part of this industry and this team.

Trent Devine

Senior Planner

I entered the financial industry in March of 2009 on the idea of replacing income allowing me to become a full time Dad.

I received so much more than I ever expected, the delight of raising my 3 kids, helping my wife pursue her dream business and the reward of bringing hope to families.

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