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Teamwork lives here.

Jill Moore
Senior Partner @ Solomon Financial

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People do better in teams.  Working with other motivated and passionate people, who are all headed toward a common goal, is incredibly fun!  It makes work not feel like work.  In our careers, we have had the privilege of being a part of, and leading, some extraordinary teams.  Without exception, those teams have had a few key qualities:  Firstly, they were made up of people who were there for the right reasons.  They were there to make a difference—to do something beyond just making a paycheque. They want to help change people’s lives.  Secondly, whatever they lacked in talent they more than made up for in commitment, integrity, and a strong work ethic.  Thirdly, they liked each other!  Special things happen when you engage with good, like-minded, and committed people.  Rarely, does anything life-changing happen when you work alone.

Whether someone is an advisor, or a team builder with Solomon, both benefit greatly from being a part of a team of caring people.  We facilitate this team interaction by providing training centers, running regional events, and connecting advisors—who work remotely—with video conference technology.  Because we like each other, we don’t simply work together… We play together too!  It’s not uncommon for team members to share meals, play poker, celebrate milestones, and even travel together.  We have found that our greatest long-term benefits are the relationships we’ve enjoyed along the way, and we look forward to forming many more.

I was very young when I fell in love with the idea of helping families conquer money stress.

At that time I decided that investing my time in gaining an apprenticeship in financial services, rather than finishing my degree, was way more in line with my passions. I was also very taken by the idea of being able to work when I chose rather than when I was told.

Gratefully, I found that I had a real love for my new career and excelled quickly. More importantly, I was free to schedule my work around being a mom vs scheduling being a mom around my work.

Unfortunately, I was so focused on my family and career that I didn’t look up long enough to realize I was in the wrong vehicle.  Then I started working with Dan.  

When Dan and Christa introduced me to Solomon, it gave me the opportunity that my husband had been urging me to pursue; owning what I worked so hard to create.  

It also allowed me to work in a system that encouraged me to do the things that I am great at and team up with others with complimentary skills.

It may seem like a slight adjustment but the ripple effect has been massive.  I am now getting compensated in a manner that allowed me to move my family forward and I enjoy my business much more.  

If you’d like to chat, I’d love to share my story with you!

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Start Your Twin Career

Meghan Dyck
Senior Advisor @ Solomon Financial

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I was blessed to grow up in the financial industry and watch as both my parents helped families work towards their financial goals.  I saw the life changing effects good and poor money management could have on a family.  I also saw the wear and tear on my parents as they took on the stress of their clients.  They would light up with excitement as they told me about their client’s latest break through.  How one client was finally out of debt and another had saved enough for their first house.  Each client victory was their victory and every struggle their struggle.  Watching them develop as they redefined what great client service meant was both wonderful and intimidating. 

As a young adult I couldn’t picture taking on the worries of so many others.  I couldn’t picture myself carrying as much as they did.  When I heard about Solomon Financial, my perspective changed – Here no advisor is expected to carry it all.  We shoulder the load together as we continue to raise the standard for client service. 

Knowing this, my only other concern was how to make the financial transition. Because I was young and had little experience, it would take me time to build a client base that would trust me and create a steady income.  By taking advantage of the Twin Career option I was able to work part time at my job as a server while learning and growing my book of business at my own pace.  After two years working part time, I was able to transition to full time at Solomon.

 Now I am blessed to work alongside other advisors serving families every day. I hope others thinking about helping families won’t let the fear of the transition stop them.  I’d love to chat if you have questions or wish to discuss options for your transition to Solomon.

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Hybrid Compensation

Jay Dingler
Senior Partner @ Solomon Financial

Kim Dingler
Senior Partner @ Solomon Financial

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After 19 years at our previous firm, we felt our capacity was limited without further opportunity to grow in the way we envisioned. One consideration was how we would be compensated for our practice, and we found that Solomon was the perfect fit for us for the following reasons:

  • There was a very competitive contract level which allowed us and our advisors to be fairly compensated.

  • We were provided full ownership of our book of business and had comfort in the knowledge that what we grew in our business, could either be sold or easily transferred with us if we ever decided to move.

  • Lastly, we were provided very clear opportunities to either grow financial agencies, and/or focus on being highly specialized advisors. Many people have opted to work in both arenas, making our model a unique hybrid which offers the very best of both worlds. This model brings multiple advisors to the table for our clients who are incredibly well served, but more importantly builds client/advisor relationships that last inter-generationally.

We have found that the Hybrid model and Solomon Financial work particularly well for us and our team. As a result of it, our referral market is now extremely strong. 

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Hybrid Compensation

John Connolly
Partner @ Solomon Financial

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My journey as an advisor began when I chose to leave work one day to take my three young kids to the park. Upon arrival I ran into two long time family friends and our conversation eventually landed on my career path. They knew one of my greatest desires was to help and serve others, so they recommended I have a coffee with their son who was an advisor in the financial industry. I had worked in many fields up to this point endeavoring to learn, grow and bring value to every position; but never found my passion. The job that didn’t feel like a job when I did it and gave back as much or more than I gave it.

It was not long after this initial conversation that I jumped in, excited about the direction and potential of my new career. This would give me the time flexibility to be available for my young family while simultaneously bringing value to my clients families. (A Win Win for sure!)

Over the next fourteen years as an advisor I developed a ‘Love Hate’ relationship with my job. I loved developing relationships and inspiring people in their own financial journey. However, over time the expectation to operate outside of my natural giftings and desired role kept growing.

Just over two years ago my wife (Jennifer) and I saw where the Solomon Train was going, why it was going there; and we wanted to be a part of laying down the tracks for this nationwide Solomon journey!

By transitioning to Solomon, I came along side like-minded advisors all striving to work together in their giftings and growing in their trust of one another. By cultivating and fostering Trust, we can work seamlessly (Ha Ha) in True Collaboration as a team, which allows us (as individuals) the time, energy and environment to become experts ‘in our roles’. It is Amazing how quickly a group of individuals can move forward when they undoubtedly have each other’s backs!

If I had to sum up my experience being part of Solomon Financial, I would say that it is a group of gifted, professional(but not perfect), team players that collectively serve others from their strengths while simultaneously ‘Looking out not only for their own interests, but also the interests of those around them.’

I appreciate you investing the time to hear a bit about my Solomon journey. If you have any questions you would like to ask or want to hear more about the direction Solomon is headed…just shoot me an email. I will get back to you. Have a Blessed Day!

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