Many financial companies push their advisors to make a sale on their first visit with a prospective client.  At Solomon, we never “make a sale.”  We grow relationships, and relationships are based on trust. They take time.  We know that by slowing down we build more successful clients, and ultimately, a better business.

This philosophy has shaped our unique approach to client planning.  Our starting point is not selling—or even assessing needs—instead, we begin with discovery.  We get to know you.  We take time to understand your story, your situation, and where you want to go. Not only does that allow us to make proper product recommendations, it also helps us to craft strategies and implement systems that will support your overall financial health.  It may be slower, but it works.

step 1 -COFFEE

We meet with you for a short visit to find out what you are looking for, explain our services, and see if we are a fit.