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Pickardville, AB

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I am blessed to have worked in various sectors over my career ranging from healthcare, as a registered massage therapist, to education, working as a librarian, and as a program facilitator and instructor for parent education courses. Then most recently in Real Estate. My work environments altered as my family grew and changed. I am new to the financial services industry; however I believe all my previous involvement in l these various areas, have allowed me to connect with many people from all backgrounds and stages in life. I have learned so much and feel grateful for all these experiences and relationships. It is a truth that regardless of who we are, or where we are in our life, everything can change in a heartbeat. I feel drawn to be able to meet people where they are at, to listen to what they want, to hear what they need, to help them elevate stress and financial struggles, or to grow and feel safe and empowered. I am honored to work with all those who have placed their trust in me and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure they have peace of mind and a bright future.


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